Sarah B Spring Fling VI EdgeMatic Images

Sarah B
Spring Fling VI
EdgeMatic Images

A. Four sets:
A1. Dual Overhead KB Lunge (10each), rest 60s
A2. Strict KB press (single KB) x 8-10 each @2010, rest 60s

B. For max rounds
On the minute perform the following complex
1x double KB swing + 1x double KB high pull + 1x double KB snatch (2×36#)
Add 1 rep to each movement every minute thereafter.
Continue until you cannot make the requisite number of reps during a given minute.
Your score is the number complete rounds.

Team Workout (and ACT)

4 Person Team Relay
Each person will complete the course 4 times:

15m Burpee Broad Jumps (as many as you can get in 15m)
15m Farmers Carry (70/55)
15′ Rope Climb
15m Farmers Carry
15m Burpee Broad Jumps
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