Warm-up: dynamic warmup
Pre-mobilty: Couch x 90s each, Over head rib mobilization

A. EMOM x32min
Min 1 – 10- 20 Walking Lunges
Min 2 – 10 Cal Row

Team Titan Summer SmashFest

Team Titan
Summer SmashFest

Min 3 – 6-8 Toes to Bar or knee raises
Min 4 – Rest

A. EMOM x32min
Min 1 – 20 DB Walking Lunges (35/20)
Min 2 – 10-12 Cal Row
Min 3 – 10 Toes to Bar or Knee raises
Min 4 – Rest

B. Use the remaining time to work on weaknesses and have your coach help you
C. Mobility = Coach led lower body stretch of coaches choice
Notes: Please make sure you pick an appropriate rep scheme and weight that you will take no longer than 45s to finish. Remember this is 30min, this will get very challenging.