Sara (h)'s

Sara (h)’s

Warm up: PVC complex: 10 pass thrus, 10 Behind the neck press, 10 bent over row, 5 scap push ups x 2 sets
Pre-Mobility: Hanging t spine with partner 2×30-45s

Health and Fitness
A. Three sets of:
A1. Push Press x 8 reps, Rest 60 seconds
A2. Side Plank x 30-45 seconds each side, Rest 60 seconds
B. AMRAP in 9 minutes of:
9 Burpee Box Jump-Overss
9 Push Press
9 Push ups

A. Every two minutes, for 16 minutes (8 sets of):
Push Press x 4 reps
Build over the course of the eight sets
Suggested Loading for each set – 55%, 60%, 62%, 65%,65+, 65+, 65+, 65+

B. AMRAP in 9 minutes of:
9 Box Jump-Overs
9 Push Press
9 Ring Dips or Push ups
D. Mobility: Barbell smash quads, calves and shoulders