5 Minutes:
Plank with hands on KB’s – accumulate as much time as possible in 5mins
Run 800m
rest 4 minutes:
10 minute AMRAP:
Kettlebell swings
rest 4 minutes:
Run 800m
*Round 1 perform 1 swing and 1 burpee. Round 2 perform 2 swings and 2 burpees, etc.
Team Workout
In Partners (preferably same Male/Female)
A) Establish a Heavy 3 rep Deadlift (15mins)
Rest 3min
B) AMRAP in 30min
800m Run as a team
Every time you come back to the building complete:
10 Synchronized T2B
10 Synchronized DB Push Press
20 Synchronized Sit ups

*Score is Deadlift added together and Rounds in part B