Happy wedding day Dan & Brittany


A. Four sets:
A1. KB Overhead Walking Lunge x8-10 each arm, Rest 60s
A2. Strict Pull up x max, rest 2min

B. 5 rounds

6x Double KB Clean & jerk
12x Burpees
Sprint 100m
Rest 1 minute
A. 1 Clean and Jerk – EMOM X 10 min (start at 75% build to a heavy single)

B. 2-man team, rotate through following couplet:

Row 50-40-30-20-10 cals
Anyhow KB hold (70/55)
Player 1 rows 50 cals, player 2 holds KBs, switch until each player has rowed the requisite number of rounds/cals.
Each time KBs hit the floor before row is completed add 10 seconds to final WOD time.