Warm-up: 20ft butt kickers, 20ft high knees, 20ft side shuffle each direction, 20ft Duck walk, 20ft lunge + Reach, 20ft inch wormPre-mobilty: T-spine mobilization

Health and Fitness 

A. 0:10-0:20

A. 4 sets
 A1. RDL x 4-6 reps, rest 60s

A2. Hollow holds x30s, rest 60s
A3. Bent over Row X 12 @2011

B. 0:40-0:50

7 min AMRAP


A. 0:10-0:35

Burgener for snatch Warm up x3
B. Every 2 min for 6 sets: (12min)

Snatch x 1 build to a single for today

C. 0:40-0:50
7 min AMRAP

D. 3 sets:

Pendlay Row X 10, rest 45s

Banded Good mornings X 15 @21X1, rest 45s

Hollow body holds X 30-45s, rest 45s