A. 0:00-0:15 CrossFit Warmupx1, 30s skipping, CFWU x1, 30s of skipping

Then group warm up:

2x10m Jog, 2x10m high knees, 2x10m butt kickers, 2x10m shuffle, 1x10m inch worms, 1x10m lunge reach and twist

Health and Fitness:
A: Pull up practice – spend time on the PLU, show appropriate progressions for each individual. For example for those who cannot do a strict PLU, show them progressions to get there. If an individual has at least 5 strict then show them how to kip.
B. For time:
100 D.U. or 150 single skips
Then 5-6 Rounds of:
20 KBS
15 Ring rows
10 walking lunges (plate over head only for those who can)

A. 10 min of ring work – work on muscle ups and progressions. Practice hanging from false grip, do some False grip PLU’s.
B. 0:30 – 0:50
For time;
100 Double unders
Then, 6 Rounds of:
25 KBS @ 55/35
15 pull-ups
10 OH plate walking lunges (25/10)
28 minute time cap

C. Mobility = 5 point upper body