A. 4 sets:
A1. Left side Front Rack squat x 6, rest 20s
A2. Right side Front Rach Squat x 6 reps, rest 60s
A3. Weighted PLU x 2-4, rest 60s

C. Two sets for times of:
20 Calories of Rowing
10 KB Snatch L
10 KB snatch R
50-Foot KB Overhead Walk left side
50-Foot KB Overhead walk right side
Rest 3 minutes

Team Workout
A. In teams of two, complete:

100 Pull-Ups
300 Meter Farmer’s Carry (heavy, swap weights as often as needed)
100 Wall Ball Shots
300 Meter Farmer’s Carry
100 Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)
300 Meter Farmer’s Carry

Partition the reps however you would like.