Warm-up: 2 sets: 10 Squat Mobilty (Reach up, hinge and touch toes, sit in squat, hands up, stand up) 10 hands elevated spider man , 5 inch worms, 10 squat to stand with toe lift ,
Health and Fitness

A.Four sets:

A1. 60 seconds Double-Under Practice, rest 60s

A2. 30-60 seconds Upside Down work (HSPU, Negatives, Holds, Walks, etc.), rest 60s

A3. MB Clean Practice – Coaches, break up the movement in segments in each set to build up to the full movement by the end. 

B. For time:

20-lb. medicine ball cleans, 42 reps

21 Push ups

20-lb. medicine ball cleans, 30 reps

15 Push ups

20-lb. medicine ball cleans, 18 reps

9 Push ups

A1. 3sets:

3×5 Clean pull to knees
A2. Five sets:

Clean x 1.1.1 reps, rest 10-20s between reps (choose power or squat depending on individual) 
start at 60% and build to 75-80% on last set. Rest 2-3 minutes
B. Muscle up skill Practice. Take 10mns to work on transitions and the skill. If you have the skill then do an EMOM x 7min x 2-4 reps each minute. 
C. For time:

21 Power Cleans @60%

21 Push ups

15 Power Cleans @65%

15 Push ups

9 Power cleans @70%

9 Push ups
D. Mobility = Couch x 2min each, Chest smash on wall with lacrosse ball