Kettlebell:Every 6 mins x 6 sets

100m Farmers Carry

20 Dual KB deadlifts 

10 Dual KB S2OH

15 cal Assault

Team Workout 

A. In pairs Build to a heavy 3 reps Push press
B. In Teams of Two, Complete:

1200m Run (Alternating every 200m, Partner 1 runs 100m out and 100m back then partner 2)

40 T2B (alternating every 5 reps) 

40 Synchro Sit ups with Plate over head (45/25)

800m Run (same as 1200m)

30 T2B (alternating every 5 reps)

30 Synchro situps

400m Rum (same as 1200m)

20 T2B (alternating every 5 reps)

20 Synchro Situps