0:00-0:10Warm up: 2min Jog, Jump Squat x 10, Jumping Jacks x 10, Air Squat x 10, Inch worm x 5, Alt forward lunges x 10, Push ups x 6 (2 sec pause in bottom), Shoulder wall slides x 10, Arm circles x 20 each 

Pre-Mobility: Banded hamstring flossing on rig x 60s on each side
Health and Fitness: 


A. Three sets of:

A1. Deadlift x 6 reps @ 2011, Rest 90-120s seconds
B. 0:30-0:45

8 rounds for time of

8 deadlifts 135/95 (scale appropriately) 

100m Run
C. 0:45-0:55

Every 2mins x 4 sets

15 Weighed sit-ups @20X1 
A. 0:10-0:0:35

A. 5 sets:

Halting Clean Deadlift (knee, mid thigh and top) + Clean  

(Build through sets) 

*Rest 2min
B. 0:35-0:45

Every 90s for 5 sets, complete:

4-6 Squat Clean (Adv – 135/95 Int – 105/85 Beg 95/65 or less. remember that these are just guidelines)

100m Sprint

*Shoot for no more than 60-70s of work*

 Every 2mins x 4 sets

12 GHD Sit ups @20X1 (Sub in 15 Weighted Sit-ups if needed)

Mobility: Foam Roll, Pigeon, spider man, up-dog