Spring Fling V111 workout 1

Warm up- coaches choice “Rowing Kelly”

30 minute partner WOD (for reps):

500m Row 

30 Wall Ball (30/20) (20/14)

30 Box Jumps (24/20) (RX – jumping only) (Scaled – steps allowed)
Partners will alternate movements for the duration of 30 minutes. Score will be total reps. Each meter on the rower counts as 1 rep. 

One round = 560 reps.

Athletes will begin on the starting mat. While Athlete 1 rows, Athlete 2 will remain on the starting mat until the row is complete and Athlete 1 tags Athlete 2. Athlete 2 will then complete 30 wall ball while Athlete 1 remains on the starting mat. When Athlete 2 tags Athlete 1, Athlete 1 can proceed to the box for 30 box jumps. Rounds will be continued in this fashion for 30 minutes. Athletes ARE NOT PERMITTED to switch during the row, 30 wall ball or 30 box jumps, only once a movement has been completed.