Kettlebell: A. 3 sets:

2 KB windmills x2 per side (increase load)
B. Every 6 mins x 4 sets

100m Farmers Carry

10 Dual KB goblet squats

10 Dual KB S2OH
15 cal Assault
Team Workout 

A. EMOM X 8 min 

Strict Press X 1 (build to today’s heavy single – start at 60%)
B. Teams of 2:

Hero “Luke” 

(Partition reps as needed) (200m runs for intermediate)
For time: 

Run 400m

15 clean and jerk

Run 400m

30 T2B

Run 400m

45 wall ball

Run 400m 

45 KB swings

Run 400m

15 walking lunges

400m run