Kettlebell: A. 4 sets:

Dual KB Squat x 5 reps

Dual KB Push Press x 5 reps

Dual KB Bent over Row x 8 reps

50m Farmers Carry 

Complete all exercises in a row, rest 3 min
B. For time, all with 1 KB

25 KB Snatch (left)
50 KB Press

50 H2H KB swing

50 KB Clean (25 each) 

50 KB Goblet squat

25 KB Snatch (right) 
Team Workout 

A. 3-man team, for time

400x Squats
300x MB sit-ups (20#)

200x Ground-to-overhead (95#)

100x Burpees


The team can only have ONE participant “working” at a time.

The team has to complete ALL air squats before moving onto the next phase of situps, etc.

Teammates do NOT have to do equal work.