Warm up: 5minute AMRAP slowly move through: 15 squats, 5 inchworms, 15 pvc shoulder pass throughs, 10 walking lungesPre-mobility: Overhead rib mobilization 

Health and Fitness

A. Four sets of:

A1. Push Press x 6-8 reps, Rest 45 seconds

A2. Alternating reverse DB lunges x10 Rest 45 seconds

A3. Single-Arm Dumbbell Row x 8-10 reps each arm @ 2110, Rest 45 seconds
B. Three rounds for time of:

12 knee or leg raises

14 Wallball 

16 Burpees

A. Push Jerk Practice using jerk balance drill (5-10min) 
Every 2 minutes, for 20 minutes (10 sets):

2 Push Press + Push Jerk

Build over the course of the 10 sets to something “heavy” for today. Use feel and mechanics dictate load.
B. Three rounds for time of:

12 T2B

14 Wallball

16 Burpees 
C. Mobility = Lacrosse ball smash everything