1 minute (of each): easy bike, jumping jacks

45 seconds: medium bike, push up to down dog with foot pedals

30 seconds: fast row, active spider mans

Pre-mobilty: Posterior Chain smash and floss, upper body band (3 points)

Health and Fitness

A. Three sets of:

A1. Romanian Deadlifts x 6-8 reps @ 3011, Rest 45 seconds

A2. Push-Ups x 15-20 reps @ 1010, Rest 45 seconds

A3.  Hollow Hold/Rock x 30-45 seconds, Rest 45 seconds

B. In teams of two, alternate sets to complete 3 each of:

5 Man-Makers

20 Cal Assault


A. Clean Drill:

Clean pull to knees with 30% 2×5

Tall Cleans with 40-50% 2×3

Then Five sets of:

Clean x 1.1.1

(rest 5-7 seconds between singles)

Rest 2 minutes

B. E3M x5 sets, Complete:

10 Power Cleans

20Cal Assault

C. Mobility = Foam Roll