Build to a Heavy Set of 5




6 Strict Handstand Push-ups (or modification of)

9 Deadlifts

30 Double Unders

Similar to Monday, we will begin by building to a heavy lift. Today it will be a heavy set of 5 of deadlifts. Not only is this a chance for athletes to pull some heavy weight off the ground, but it is also a great opportunity for coaches to spend time on the floor seeing and correcting in a more controlled setting than during a metcon. This “heavy” set of 5 should be relative for the day, with athletes stopping at the point of form breakdown. The load on the deadlift within “Detention” should be something that athletes could complete 21+ repetitions unbroken when fresh. If athletes can complete 10+ strict Handstand Push-ups in a row, keeping the repetitions a 6 for the workout will be appropriate. If this number is under 10, dropping the reps to 3 will allow them to get the stimulus we are looking for, which is something they can get done in 1-2 sets.

(ComptrainClass 4.4.18)