“Family Feud”


50 Meter Prowler Push (95/45)

100 Meter Sand Bag Run

200 Meter Run

Class Divides Into Even Teams

The class will be split into two teams for the waterfall style AMRAP.. The workout begins with an athlete on each sled. The two athletes on each team will complete their 50 Meter Prowler Push. Immediately following the Prowler, they will pick up the Bag for their 100 Meter Run. After the 100 Meter Bag run, they will drop the bag and go right into a 200 Meter Run. Once a station opens up or a bag becomes available, the next two athletes can begin. It is ok for athletes to lap other athletes, there is no specific order that has to be maintained. Individuals will count their rounds following the 200 meter run, with total rounds per team at the end of the 25 minutes being the score. The weight on the sled and Wreck Bag should be something that athletes can move with consistently in order to keep things moving forward. If unequipped with prowlers, complete a 50 foot walking lunge with no weight.

(ComptrainClass 7.26.18)