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170127 For time..


ThrowbackCFR 10 years Warm up: CrossFit Warmup x 2 Pre-Mobility: Posterior Chain banded floss, Overhead rib mobilization Health and Fitness A. Four sets of: A1. KB Bulgarian [...]

170127 For time..2017-02-07T00:06:55+00:00

170125 Rowing Helen


ThrowbackCFR 10 year Warm up: 500m Row, Dynamic Warm-up: butt kickers, high knees, shuffle, carioca, skips, x2 sets Pre-Mobility: Posterior chain smash and floss Health and Fitness [...]

170125 Rowing Helen2017-02-07T00:10:22+00:00

170124 AMRAP


Throwback CrossFit Regina 10 years Warm up: CrossFit Warmup x 3 Pre-mobility: Bottom squat with barbell just above knees Health and Fitness A. Three sets of: A1. Front [...]

170124 AMRAP2017-01-23T20:00:37+00:00

170123 AMRAP


Warm up: Low intensity assault ride or row for 10 min mobility: Dynamic stretch led by coach Health and Fitness A. Four 5-minute AMRAPS max reps in teams of [...]

170123 AMRAP2017-02-06T23:22:45+00:00

170122 Sunday


ThrowbackCFR 10 years Health: Five sets of: 90 seconds of Rowing (for Calories) 30 seconds of Rest 90 seconds of Kettlebell Swings (for max reps) 30 seconds [...]

170122 Sunday2017-02-07T00:18:39+00:00

170121 Saturday


Throwback CFR 10 years 9am – Kettlebell Class A. 3 sets of: 4/4 straight legged Romanian DL with KB 4/4 windmills B. For time: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 KB Clean and [...]

170121 Saturday2017-01-20T20:00:06+00:00