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170823 Wednesday 

Warm up: Coach's choice Pre-mobility: 10 Inch worms with 3 second pause in hamstring stretch  Health and Fitness A. Every two minutes, for 10 minutes (5 sets): Front Squat x 4-6 [...]

170821 Monday 

Warmup: 5min Easy assault, Then Lacross ball smash in pec against the wall x 1 min each side, 90/90 pec stretch x 45s each, 10 push ups @1111, 20 Banded [...]

170820 Sunday 

Health and Fitness  A. Three sets of: Back Squat x 8-10 reps @ 30X1, Rest 60 seconds Kettlebell Swings x 20 reps, Rest 60 seconds B. From Invictus Complete as [...]

170818 Friday 

Warm-up: 20ft butt kickers, 20ft high knees, 20ft side shuffle each direction, 20ft Duck walk, 20ft lunge + Reach, 20ft inch wormPre-mobilty: T-spine mobilization A. 0:10-0:35 A. (Health and Fitness) [...]

170817 Thursday 

0:00-0:10: Warmup: 3min row, 10 jump squats, 12 Forward stationary lunges, 10 air squats, 5 inch worms, 10 wall slides, 6 push ups (2 sec pause at bottom), 10 ring [...]

170716 Wednesday 

Warm up: CrossFit Warmup x 2Pre-Mobility: Posterior Chain banded floss, Dynamic spiderman x 40 feet  Health and Fitness    A. 4 sets: A1: Front Squat x 4-6 reps @2010, rest [...]

170815 Tuesday 

0:00-0:10 6 minute AMRAP: Have your athletes break up into partners. Partner 1 is stationed on one side of the gym and partner 2 is on the opposite side. The [...]

170814 Monday 

0:00-0:10Warm up: CFW X2, Pizza Game Pre-Mobility: Banded hamstring flossing on rig x 60s on each side Health and Fitness:  A. 0:10-0:30 A. Three sets of: A1. Deadlift x 3-5 [...]