170529 Monday 

0:00-0:10: Warmup: Junkyard dog warm upPre-mobility: Overhead rib mobilization  Health and Fitness 0:10-0:30 A.Four sets of: A1. Bulgarian Goat Bag Swings x 15 reps @2111, Rest 45 seconds A2. Single-Leg [...]

170528 Sunday 

Health: A. Three sets of: A1. Dumbbell or Barbell Push Press x 6-8 reps, Rest 45 seconds A2. Double-Under Practice x 45-60 seconds, Rest 45 seconds B. 14 min AMRAP 2 [...]

170526 Friday 

Warm up: CrossFit Warmup x 2 Pre-Mobility: Posterior Chain banded floss, Overhead rib mobilization  Health and Fitness    A. 3 sets  A1. Deadlift x 4-6 reps, rest 60s A2. Hollow [...]

170525 Thursday 

Warm-up: 20ft butt kickers, 20ft high knees, 20ft side shuffle each direction, 20ft Duck walk, 20ft lunge + Reach, 20ft inch worm Pre-mobilty: T-spine mobilization Health  A. Every 90 seconds, [...]

170524 Wednesday 

0:00-0:10 Warm up: 3 rounds at an easy pace 200m Jog, 10 air squats, 20 mountain climbers, 20 foot duck walkPre-mobility: Barbell bottom squat x 2min  Health and Fitness A. [...]

170523 Tuesday

0:00-0:10Health and Fitness:  A. Every minute, for 18 minutes: Minute 1 – 2 Turkish Get-Ups (alternate arms, perform slow and controlled – each rep should take close to 10 seconds [...]

170518 Thursday 

0:00-0:10Warm up: CrossFit Warmup x 2 Pre-Mobility: oly hip stretches from catalyst athletics Health and Fitness  0:15-0:50 A. Every 6 minutes, for 18 minutes (3 sets), for times: Row 500 [...]

170517 Wednesday

0:00-0:10 Warm up: 500m Row, Dynamic Warm-up: butt kickers, high knees, shuffle, carioca, skips, x2 sets Pre-Mobility: T-spine mobilization with foam roller Health and Fitness 0:10-0:35 A. Three sets of: [...]