Want to do our CrossFit group classes?
Our group classes vary on the different levels of skill you will experience from class to class. To join our group classes you first must complete a consultation with one of our coaches. From there you can choose the class stream that is right for you.

What are Hybrid memberships?
Hybrid memberships are the next step after graduation from Foundations and are designed to keep you attending classes and ensure you meet with your coach for life as often as needed. Hybrid memberships are the link between attending CrossFit Group Classes and still receiving one-on-one attention that you deserve. The beautiful part of Hybirid membership is the ability to choose how often you feel you need to meet with your coach for life. whether you are training for a sporting event, have a wedding you want to lose weight for, need more nutrition help or are training for the sport of CrossFit, Hybrid memberships will endure you get the personalised touch to meet those goals.

Why Hybrid Memberships?
Hybrid Memberships are also an integral part of your ongoing success in the years to come. We use classes and personal training as tools towards client success.  Creating a program that allows the client to get the benefits of both community building, cost-effective classes, as well as unique, personalised one-on-one sessions is paramount to creating a sustainable health and fitness environment.