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  • Foundations


    Foundations – Feb 11, 2016

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  • Nutrition Seminars Jan.24 and 31

    Nutrition Seminars Jan.24 and 31

    For those curious about the nutrition seminar, the following will be covered:
    – an overview of the 3 macronutrients; what they are and why they are important and what portion sizes would fit most people (will not be going in to great detail on calorie counting of flexible dieting)
    – the biggest component will be explaining the process of grocery shopping, how much it costs to eat healthy, tools required to properly prepare meals, and the meal planning and preparation process.
    – there will also be discussion of goal setting when it comes to changing a person’s diet as well as how to ensure long term success

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  • 1 year in new gym celebration

    1 year in new gym celebration

    1pm Team Throwdown
    2pm Family Throwdown
    3pm Poctluck

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