Kim Fleischhaker coach at CrossFit Regina

Kim Fleischhaker


Kim started as a member at CFR in 2009… her sister Aimee dragged her along! Kim instantly fell in love with it and hasn’t looked back!
Kim became an owner in 2012 when the original owners (Robin & Aaron) moved back to Manitoba.

Kim’s favourite thing about CrossFit is the variety of workouts and that it makes working out actually fun!!
CrossFit Regina means the world to Kim. The community we have and the many different people of all ages is truly incredible.

Kim is a CrossFit Level 2 certified Coach and certified in CrossFit Weightlifting, CrossFit Mobility and has a degree in Business Administration.

Josh Roundell coach at CrossFit Regina

Josh Roundell


Josh started as a member in 2013 and as a coach in 2017. He became a part owner in 2019.
He received a B.Sc Biological Sciences in 2009 and Crossfit Level 2 in 2021.
He loves Crossfit for the variability of movements and its ability to improve my strength and conditioning for any sport outside the gym!

His favourite thing about Crossfit Regina is the community. Every day he gets to go to the gym and see amazing people and help them work towards their goals. He loves that he learns so much from the members and every day he becomes better at his job and more well equipped to handle the challenges life presents!

Aimee Flegel coach at CrossFit Regina

Aimee Flegel


Aimee joined CrossFit Regina on a whim with a friend in 2009. Typical globo gyms weren’t that fun anymore and needed a change. CrossFit was exactly the change she needed. The variety of movements and workouts, the supportive environment and friendships is her favourite things about CrossFit.

She loved it so much she brought her family along; her sister, mom and a skeptical dad. Aimee became an owner in 2012, and was so excited to share her passion with others.
Aimee’s favourite thing about the gym is the community, who truly feels like family. The CrossFit Regina community is one of a kind and fills her cup of each day.

Les Andersen coach at CrossFit Regina

Les Andersen


The reason Les started was despite knowing how to program best for himself, Les felt like lacked accountability and consistency. He needed something different and a push from other people. Les thought he was in decent shape until he did my first class and he fell so far behind. Les couldn’t believe how high everyone’s ability to do work was.

When les received this piece of humble pie he decided that this is where he needed to be. CrossFit changed his life. The quality of coaching and the community atmosphere was exactly what he was missing in his fitness routine. Every goal he have set out he has hit in ALL aspects of his fitness journey. Les is stronger, can jump higher, have way more aerobic and muscle endurance than he did in my 20s. Les feels no matter what sport he plays or workout he does, he is ready! Crossfit programming has come a long way in the past few years and it’s amazing to see every members progress every week no matter what their current abilities and/or injuries are. All crossfit workouts can be infinitely scaled to make sure every person receives the same stimulus and maximum result!
Les has a Bachelor of Kinesiology and a minor in psychology fron the U of R. During that time he ran track with the Cougars and being awarded with the MVP of the men’s team in his final 3 years specializing in the pentathlon indoors and the 400m hurdles outdoors.
Les has been a personal trainer for 12 years working with a broad range of clientele mainly focusing on improving mobility and stability through primal movements all while increasing strength and overall fitness. Les also offers a table based stretching program called fasocal mobility training which mobilizes your joints and fascia, decreases pain and improves overall flexibility. If you haven’t tried it yet make sure you book a session with him, it is AMAZING. Les has numerous other certifications including Olympic lifting, kettlebell, striking, Trx, and CrossFit level 1 and will utilize a combination of all of them to help his clients reach their fitness goals.

David Samayoa coach at CrossFit Regina

David Samayoa


David first stepped into CrossFit Regina in 2009. At the time, David was training specifically in Olympic Weightlifting and CFR was one of the only gyms in the city that welcomed Olympic Weightlifters (back then most gyms frowned upon using chalk and dropping bumper plates). David trained and competed in Weightlifting until 2019. During his time as an athlete competed on the National team for 6 years and represented Canada at several international competitions including Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games, and IWF World Championships. Now that he is no longer competing, David enjoys jumping into class to take on the workout of the day.

David is NCCP Weightlifting and CrossFit Level 2 certified. He has been coaching weightlifting since 2011, and CrossFit since 2016.
David’s favorite part about CFR is the people! The community is so supportive and encouraging. He loves that a class can have a great range of backgrounds and ages but the workouts can be scaled to include everyone!

Keenan Flegel coach at CrossFit Regina

Keenan Flegel


Keenan first joined CFR in the summer of 2010. Having experience in the fitness industry and a kinesiology degree, he joined the coaching team and ownership in 2012. Alongside his wife and sister in law, Keenan was co-owner up to 2018. Selling his portion of the business to Josh and remaining a coach.

Keenan has a passion for supporting the wellbeing of others through fitness and nutrition. Keenan has Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Regina and has a CrossFit Level 2 Certification.

His favourite aspect of CFR is the people. Keenan has worked and trained at numerous fitness centres and gyms and has not found a community of people quite like that of CFR.

Jacob Gilbertson coach at CrossFit Regina

Jacob Gilbertson


Jacob started at CrossFit Regina in 2015 at 13 years old and began doing the teens program 3 times a week. He initially did not like the gym and was an unhealthy and insecure kid. Slowly, over the course of of his first year the gym really started to grow on him. From teens class, he began to join adult classes and started doing competitions throughout the year. In 2019 he took his level 1 with an interest in coaching. Jacob started to shadow and assist classes and eventually began coaching on his own. Now he coaches weekly classes, runs our teens program, and personal trains.

CrossFit for Jacob has supplied a space of consistency. Whether he has had a great or terrible week, the gym is always there to push him and make him better regardless of external circumstances. CrossFit Regina truly is a home away from home. The gym has supplied him with countless friends and memories that have impacted him from his youth into adulthood. The community as a whole is always encouraging one another regardless of where each individual is in their fitness journey. This is what inspires him to be a better coach/athlete.

Lisa Whaley coach at CrossFit Regina

Lisa Whaley


Lisa tired CrossFit for the very first time in the spring of 2008- it was deck of cards workout in the park- and she was hooked! She took her foundation classes immediately after and have been a regular at CrossFit Regina ever since. Lisa earned her CF-Level 1 in 2019 after realizing she wanted to share her passion for CrossFit in a more tangible way. She has been coaching regularly now since 2020.

Lisa loves CrossFit Regina- the facility, the programming, and the amazing and supportive people. The relationships she has formed there are some of her most cherished. It’s also where she became her fittest and most confident self, for which she will always be grateful. It is her second home, and can’t imagine her life without it. ❤️

Harjot Mavi coach at CrossFit Regina

Harjot Mavi


Back in 2013 Harjot had her first session at CrossFit Regina with the U of R Cheer Team. It was a team session and she had so much fun that she subsequently signed up as a member on July 1, 2013. Harjot was a competitive Cheerleader for 12 years with Winston Knoll, U of R, Riders and Boss Athletics. Harjot thrives off a competitive atmosphere so the transition to CrossFit was perfect. It opened up the opportunity to compete with herself (during daily WODS), as well as others (during the CrossFit Open, and multiple different CrossFit competitions).

Harjot got her Level 1 in October 2017, and began coaching immediately after shadowing a few classes. She re-certified her level 1 last summer. Harjot’s favourite thing about CrossFit Regina is the community and camaraderie. She’s made so many lifelong friendships at the gym, and is appreciative of the encouragement and motivation that the gym atmosphere provides. Whether you’re first or last in a workout there will be someone motivating you to finish the WOD.

Anne-Marie coach at CrossFit Regina

Anne-Marie Young


Anne Marie moved to Regina in November of 2011 and became a member at the end of that month. She had been doing CrossFit since 2008 and had recently started competing in Olympic Weightlifting so she needed a place where she could do both. Anne Marie started coaching at CFR in 2014.

Anne Marie represented CFR at the regional level for CrossFit in 2012 and 2015 as part of the team and competing in weightlifting at the national level at the same time. Anne Marie has been focusing a little more with weightlifting but always happy to jump in for a CrossFit competition.
The community truly is the best part. When she first moved here she knew absolutely no one and CFR became like another family. Everyone is so supportive of each other and leaves no one out.



Zach heard of Crossfit in 2020. It peaked his interest as he was looking for a change from the typical commercial gym routine. He was also wanting a functional fitness routine that will allow him the ability to stay healthy while working in EMS. In 2021 a friend mentioned he does CrossFit and Zach tagged along for a class. It was exactly the change he was looking for. With a foundation from other sports and activities he felt like he fit right in and was hooked.

After a year of doing Crossfit he decided to take his level 1 so he could improve on my own skill and technique, as well as learn to help others. He began by shadowing and assisting coaches, and is coaching workouts and teams part time.
CrossFit Regina is unlike any other gym Zach been too. The coaches and the members create an environment that is welcoming and encouraging. The coaches work to push your abilities and achieve your goals, taking into account where you are in your fitness journey.
CFR is a place for zach to push himself out of his comfort zone physically and mentally in a supportive atmosphere, while having fun.



Branden started as a member in May of 2021. In September of 2022 he completed his CF-L1 in Toronto and became a coach at CFR. Branden’s favourite thing about CrossFit Regina is the community and friends you make. Everyone brings something to inspire you to make yourself better in and out of the gym.



Ashlyn started as a member of CFR in August 2019, and then started as a coach with the kids/teens program in January 2022! Ashlyn has her CrossFit Level 1 certification, all NCCP multi sport and safe sport certifications, as well as a provincial and national soccer coaching license.

Why CrossFit: After a significant knee injury, Ashlyn was needing something to help continue the functional rehab process and challenge her in all aspects of training. She quickly fell in love with CrossFit and how every day is different and how there is never a shortage of things to improve on!

Ashlyn’s favourite thing about CrossFit Regina is the environment! It’s light hearted, supportive, and full of like minded people who push you to be better every time you come in.


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